How to Create Striking Colors

Acadia Shoreline - See it Here

First of all, I utilize High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques for most of my images and find that I get greater depth and richness of color that you can achieve with a single image.  With HDR, multiple images are captured by varying shutter speed or exposure (from dark to light) and these images are processed in special software which draws details from both the highlights and shadows.

Next, the HDR is processed using Lightroom to set the black point and white point to insure the full dynamic range is being utilized.  Clarity is then used to boost mid-range contrast and Vibrance to boost the less saturated colors in the image.  Occasionally, a Tone Curve (s-curve) is used to further boost contrast for the image.

As a fiinal step, a vignette is used to darken the edges of the image to help hold the viewer's attention to the center or subject of the image.

The above process is used for essentiall all of my images.  For some images various plug-ins for Lightroom are used to provide more painterly effects.  The image determines what additional effects should be added.