My Photography Workshop

The above panoramic photo shows my photography workshop.  The panorama was captured with a wide angle lens at close range, leading to the curvature seen in the image.  The workshop features:

  • an iMac computer with 2 screens in the center of the photo
  • a 17 inch Epson 3880 printer shown to the left of the computer screens
  • a scanner and small office printer to the right of the computer screens
  • a 24 inch Epson 7900 printer on the far right
  • a 24 x 36 inch utility table on wheels on the far right used for cutting and mounting images
  • a 26 inch wide laminator shown on the left.

The image below shows a larger view of the laminator, which I recently purchased to experiment with face-mounting images behind plexiglass.  If successful, I will add these to my offering.

The laminator weighs about 55 pounds so I designed a table on wheels for the laminator.  The table has a fold-down shelf in the back that can be raised when using the laminator so as to catch prints exiting the back of the laminator.  The table is rolled out from the wall when using.

Pete Shaw, a good friend of mine in Chadds Ford with a very complete woodworking shop, helped me with this table as well as the utility table shown to the right in the first photo.  The utility table was built in 2010.

Essentially all of my photography editing and mounting work is carried out in this office/workshop.