About My Photography



First My Photography:

I started by capturing images of my daughter's volleyball play about 8 years ago.  After a couple of years she moved on and I moved my photography to shooting Nature, Landscapes and Urban Decay.  I have shared the image above before, which shows my home office/workshop.  Not shown is a table on wheels that I use for cutting and mounting of my images.  I am currently building another similar table which will hold a new laminator I have purchased for additonal types of image mounting that I will be exploring.

I have upgraded my photography equipment over the years to that shown here.

For me, the image from the camera is just the starting point. I use the equipment shown above to store the images and process them in a way that matches my vision for the image, which is sometimes a more painterly view.  I let the image dictate how I treat it.

I only provide ready-to-hang images for sale on my web site.


Photography Training:

I offer 3 courses through the Chester County Night School. The courses are:

Two of these 3 courses are taught in both the Spring and Fall sessions of the night school.

I also offer One-on-one Lightroom training taught at the clients location.


Commissioned Photography:

I do commision work for other artists needing photographs of their work for use on web sites and other communications.

I also do commission work for home and business owners wanting more professional/painterly images of their home or business.